Patented technology for sealing air leakage in HVAC ducts.

Aeroseal's technology utilises a unique and patented method for sealing HVAC ducts from the inside. This innovative solution helps to optimise energy consumption, improve system performance, and reduce environmental impact.


The future of energy savings

Lower Utility Bills

Aeroseal improves air tightness and reduces energy costs by decreasing the load on cooling & heating plants and fans.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Aeroseal’s proven technology works from the inside of the ducts to locate and seal the leaks causing poor IAQ. Multi-floor buildings can be treated with Aeroseal without disruption to its occupants.

Improve System Efficiency

Many HVAC systems do not require ductwork leakage testing. This results in inefficient systems with high power demands.

Meet Code & Spec

With building and energy codes, ASHRAE guidelines, and LEED certifications changing frequently, KNOW that you are going to hit spec every time.

Aeroseal's Simple 4-Step Process

     We have a predetermined duct sealing schedule to ensure the process will not interfere with building operations.         As a result, even multi-floor buildings can receive Aeroseal treatment without causing disturbance to the occupants inside.

To prepare for Aeroseal treatment, our technicians will block the building’s diffusers, grilles, and registers and isolate the air handling unit. Once that’s done, they will connect the Aeroseal equipment.

Before applying the sealant, we conduct a site inspection and suggest any necessary repairs or issues the client should address.

A personal test is conducted to set the leakage benchmark.

The sealant is injected in precise quantities according to software feedback received in real time.

Our water-based sealant utilises a safe vinyl acetate polymer, which does not emit any VOCs once applied. There will be no odours or sealant particles left in the HVAC system or building.

The Aeroseal software tracks results in real time. 

Once leak reduction goals have been reached, the results are recorded and a certificate of completion is printed showing before and after leakage amounts. 

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